Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology

Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology (2012). 2nd Edition.

ISBN: 0-9824-7730-9 (e-book); ISBN: 0-9824-7733-3 (paperback) Ambrosius Publishing, 378 pages, 94 illustrations and 75 exercises.

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Reaction kinetics plays a central role in systems and synthetic biology. This monograph introduces students to some of the modern topics in kinetics that these fields employ. The book starts with an introduction to mass-action kinetics followed by chapters on stochastic kinetics, elasticities, enzyme kinetics, generalized rate laws, cooperativity, allostery and gene regulatory kinetics. The text can also be used as a reference guide for graduates and other researchers.

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  1. Reaction Kinetics

  2. Elasticities

  3. Stochastic Reaction Kinetics

  4. Basic Enzyme Kinetics

  5. Enzyme Inhibition and Activation

  6. Multi-reactant Rate Laws

  7. Cooperativity

  8. Allostery

  9. Generalized Rate Laws

  10. Kinetics of Gene Regulation

  11. Basic Thermodynamics

  12. Appendices