Systems Biology: Linear Algebra for Pathway Modeling

This is an introductory book on linear algebra with some emphasis on systems biology. Print copies can be purchased at Amazon.

This book is meant to be a companion book for a control theory for biologists (2017), and a control theory for bioengineering text (2016). These two new books are currently being developed. Given the importance of linear algebra in modern systems biology, particularly in relation to stoichiometry and network topology, I decided that rather than include supplementary sections on linear algebra in the main text books, it would be more efficient to write a shorter draft that readers can refer to as needed.

If readers have any suggestions for improvements, any mistakes or typos in the text, please contact me at

hsauro @ uw dot edu

Printed Book $29.95 USD (Amazon)


1. Vectors

2. Matrices

3, Systems of Linear Equations

4. Determinants

5. Vector Spaces

6. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

7. Summary

8. Basic Matrix Factorizations

9. Linear Programming

10. Linear Algebra with Python and Julia

Appendix A: Complex Numbers

Appendix B: Further Reading