Systems Biology: An Introduction to Metabolic Control Analysis

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This book is an introduction to control in biochemical pathways. It introduces students to some of the most important concepts in modern metabolic control. It covers the basics of metabolic control analysis that helps us think about how biochemical networks operate. The book should be suitable for undergraduates in their early to mid-years at college.


  1. Traditional Concepts in Metabolic Regulation

  2. Elasticities

  3. Introduction to Biochemical Control

  4. Linking the Parts to the Whole

  5. Experimental Methods

  6. Linear Pathways

  7. Branched and Cyclic Systems

  8. Negative Feedback

  9. Stability

  10. Stability of Negative Feedback Systems

  11. Moiety Conservation Laws

  12. Moiety Conserved Cycles

Appendix A: List of Symbols and Abbreviations

Appendix B: Control Equations